Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bard Hero

Did this for a friend, who wanted me to draw her Bard character from D&D. Was just meant to be lineart, but I spent way too long getting this done. So I colored it as a bonus for her.

She wanted it based on a well for all intensive purposes an "Irish Barbie Doll" which had this green Victorian-ish dress and a harp. which totally tied in to her whole Bard character. Anyways I kept what I could, added boots that I saw my friend wearing which I thought looked cool, a WoW style chained tome, a longsword, and glow-y eyes cause I totally botched them up haha. Plus since her name begins with 'K' I added embroidery around the corset and shoulder based on the look of the old english 'K' hopefully she notices, if not it's still a nice little embellishment I think.

The little red bird was an afterthought with the drawing, I felt it helped to make you look around the face area, contrasting against all the green.

Anyways that's about all there is to say I believe.(Also kudos if you get the joke in the title of this post.)