Friday, November 11, 2011

There be remade Dragons

Not much to say about this one. All I did was add suggestions, I got from my friends about the previous version. Added more exhaust vent spikes, some added flair to the hips, a more stumpy tail (My own suggestion), lengthened the front legs, and closed the mouth a little plus some glow-y mist as well. Anyways I do feel this one is better thanks to all my friend's comments.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

There be Dragons

Close up of the head

So like Skyrim is coming out soon... and well that wasn't the reason I did these. I found out there was a contest for a Facebook game I play to kill time, and they were looking for users to create what they thought the new dragon players would get would look like. Of course I found the contest an hour and a half before it was over, and missed the deadline by an hour... but you never know. I might get lucky haha.

The basic idea was it had to be a dragon that would inhabit this macabre, dreary graveyard-like expansion in the game. Which had all these blue glowing gems/lights. The expansion was also a place that collected souls and allowed you to revive your dead troops. It would also be a powerful unit that you had to charge with souls. My dragon would have to fit those criteria.

Anyways, did this up with a few quick silhouettes. Sketched out some rough lineart, and base color (purple in this case). Then set about refining lines, anatomy (or whatever I thought looked cool), and adding/subtracting modifications as I went. Then a quick color for shadow, and a lighter blu-ish purple for the lights which I felt made it match with the color scheme of the expansion. I ended up not wanting to do the wings (no rule in the contest said it had to have wings), so I made what I already had into these sort of vents, spewing energy/smoke/steam, in an attempt to make it mesh with the gems on the chest. Which had this sort of glowing mist falling from it. Which I felt really added to the dragon since it was soul powered. Then I played around adding kind of these glowing fractures/cracks in the horns. Then I realized I was overdue for the contest haha. So, I quickly finished the tail and threw my signature on it and called it done.