Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sleepy Time with God of War

So, I could not get to sleep last night. Spending 7 hours in Photoshop after the fact, has done nothing but keep me awake. Quickest good painting I've ever done I think, so I guess it's a speed painting? I did neglect some areas like his left hand... yeah speed painting it is.

Anyways, it didn't start out as Kratos. I was just painting a generic man body, and then I started to think it would look good as Kratos from God of War. So I did as much as I could by memory, then nabbed a few reference photos from Google, and the rest is pretty much history.

The face was the toughest part, because everyone (at least every gamer) knows what Kratos looks like so getting his face to where it looked like him took the longest out of anything. I guess that's what's difficult about established characters.

Once it's popular you have to stick with it no matter what. Like Shrek, sure the movies are fun but his design is lame, and because it became popular they had to keep it. Lesson here is, always do your best when you make a new character.

Anyways I'm off track, Kratos, 7 hours, done, I sleep now.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hades meets Persephone REDUX!

Added the suggestions of my Professor, and classmates. Not much else to say, I do like this one more though.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Psychology Sketches

I honestly think, my Psychology class is pointless. I don't learn anything, the Professor just shows us videos, and I mess around in my sketchbook and I still have an A. Oh well, felt like messing with some more stylized faces and things.

Trying to get a bit of the sniper from TF2, and well just drawing pretty faces...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hades meets Persephone

Well here it is finished. Hades meeting Persephone. Not quite the same as the myth as he technically comes bursting out of the ground and grabs here. I thought having them walking past each other was a kinder way to show their meeting.

Trying to get the background to show the character of each person. Like how Hades has this chaotic mass, with burning embers in the distance. Which was an idea my professor gave me the great suggestion for. Then of course the sort of nice softness of nature and Persephone juxtaposed next to it.

Even more simply it's sharps vs rounds in terms of my initial idea. Really fun to do, and I like how it came out, usually my Photoshop only paintings end up pretty chaotically wrong. Luckily the class this is for teaches me all that fun stuff about composition.

Of course I had to put some sort of God of War hint in here somewhere, since I'm a huge fan of the games. Originally I was going to copy GoW's Hades' spikes that he had popping up throughout his body, and a bit of Persephone's dress from the games. I ended up forgoing the Hades' spikes and settled for the the lower backside of Persephone's dress from Chains of Olympus (at least from the concept art).

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hades in da House...

HW for my Advanced Drawing for Animation Class. More of a compositional class though, but still fun. Anyways, we had to pick a greek myth of some sort and then give 3 variations upon the chosen subject. I picked Hades, cause Zeus is overrated.

So, the top row are some quick roughs I did for Hades. the first is Hercules asking Hades for permission to borrow Cerberus. The middle is just Hades looking cool (Although my professor pointed out how it's similar to Dante's Inferno, where Hades along with people like Judas are frozen around the final circle of Hell.) Lastly, I have Hades meeting his woman-to-be, Persephone.

My Professor said he liked them all, but as you can see by the lower row, he liked the first and last best. (I felt pretty belittled watching him do the quick painting on the bottom left in like half an hour.) So like I was saying he gave me suggestions and some ideas for how I could improve the two.

I ended up deciding to do the 3rd choice, because I didn't have the advantage of a partial paintover to get started. Plus, I really really liked that one to begin with. Although I do like what my Professor did with the first one. Anyways, I'm about done with the 3rd one right now, and maybe I'll have time to do the first one as well. Time will tell haha.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Intro Pre-Vis, Revised

Can't believe I didn't post up my revised pre-vis intro project for Motion Graphics class. This is super old now, but I figured I should get it up. Trimmed stuff up, and made the art more refined. Still wish I had more time than I had to make it look prettier. As well as more time to find better foley and music. Mostly my fault for doing so many takes, requiring me to crank out unique drawings for each one.
In hindsight I would of made it super simple, but much much more focused and refined. Doing stuff like this really makes you appreciate the people who do this for a living, even the simple stuff. If it looks like it'd be easy to do, it just means the person who made it, is good at their job. Haha I was so disillusioned when I went in to school.