Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going Gaga for Humanities Naga

The Naga who you may or may not know do 'not' come from Warcraft haha, but from Hinduism and Buddism. Are most associated with snakes, Warcraft made them ocean dwellers, and I like that direction as well. My naga were my jumping point for my fishy humanoid race I did for my comparative anatomy class, the Sentinels. So, I thought I'd take another stab at the original character I did a long while ago, which people always seemed to like. (It's on this blog, a little digging will turn it up.) Now a previous post stated I was working on new character in zBrush. *hint* *hint* It's this. It's funny really that I drew this after sitting through class learning about the Holy Grail and the Renaissance in Humanities. You'd think I'd draw a chivalrous Knight or something. Apparently my brain doesn't take to outside influence that well.

Also... looking back on this I missed an opportunity to do a blue balls joke, if only I used a blue prismacolor instead of my usual red haha. Red balls isn't a thing is it? No, probably not... sounds like it'd be some sort of disease... I'll be quiet now.


Well during class our professor asked us to make a skull for a demo he gave us on re-topologizing a mesh and then projecting the detail onto it. So we could have our nice sculpted mesh and save a ton of polygons. So if we wanted to we could sub-divide the mesh even further. Anyways I did the skull up in something under 10 minutes, before we all had to move on. After we finished, I went back and fixed up some things and put in the teeth, which took longer to get right than the rest of the skull haha. I'm also working on a new character for my class as well in zBrush, so look forward to that as well.

Monday, February 27, 2012

N7 Art History!

My anticipation for Mass Effect 3 is driving me somewhat into an insatiable frenzy of any Mass Effect related news. Which is something my brain normally reserves for all Blizzard games. Anyways, I got the Artbook for Mass Effect, and subsequently ruined the major story points for ME3. I caution any ME enthusiast who buys the Art of the Mass Effect Universe to avoid going into the Mass Effect 3 section, there be spoilers! Anyways, it's a decent art book and I liked all the ideations they did just to establish the look of Mass Effect. So during Art History, I cracked open the art book and sketched up a somewhat cartoony but still Mass Effect style armor/character thing. All while correctly answering questions from my professor during the lecture, love that class.

Week Old Humanities sketch!

Caved in again with the whole Paul Richard's thing. They're just fun to do, I can't really think of any other reason no matter many times I've posted these. Also a poorly drawn eyeball with accompanying disembodied head that I was checking head proportions with. On the right you can catch some random scribbles I did to help a friend with his composition homework for another class.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Art History Man-ified!

I've been drawing those, what I'm now referring to as "Paul Richard Girls" a bit too much. So I felt drawing some guys would help to counter-balance that. My Art History class as always seemed to be the perfect time to sketch and doodle. So I did up this space armor suit, I kind of wanted it to be like a beefed up armored Sith, but he ended up as a pretty run of the mill space guy with a gun on his arm. Didn't end up finishing the feet. I have to admit they are a weak point for me, I just can't seem to care about shoes... Anyways I then went cartoon-y along the side of the page. Playing with what I could do with an over extended lower lip. Which I got some fun results with.

Humanities Sketches

Well I needed to get back into sketching after being horribly sick for a week, and my Humanities class provided for me once again. Was planning out the look of my zBrush character's hair on the top. Then moved onto to some face sketches that turned into superhero busts. I did my own version of Iron Man, and a semi-futuristic Batman. Then the amazing Spider-Man! With obligatory spider sense tingling. Sketched up a gladiator... but I'm not too happy with him. Feels too feminine, probably just the waist and skirt, even if Kratos wore one I guess it doesn't mean everyone can wear one. Other tidbits include a random horse head, and a quick little Chihuahua-ish head because my Mom just got one, which means I'm stuck with it too. I will admit the dog is pretty darn cute though.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Everyday I'm zBrushin'

First of all, my apologies for not posting lately I've been really really sick. Anyways this is what I've been up to lately in zBrush. My first official complete Character. Anyways I was going to do my character Ka, but I modeled the body wrong. Should of made the base model complete with gauntlets and the like. That's getting off track though, if you recall a few posts back I redid my Mercenary girl and used that as reference when I took my character down a different direction. I embellished some things, and ignored some of the accessories simple because I don't think I can model them yet. Also changed the hair style cause I couldn't get it to look right from all angles. So I remembered Akima's hair style from Titan A.E. and repurposed that. Not too much going on in the color department, but I like the simplicity of it. A bit of Tron definitely influencing this. Black and Turquoise were already one of my favorite color combos, Tron: Legacy just cemented them in place.

On a side note, this keeps making me think of Kelly Chambers from Mass Effect 2 if she was a mercenary.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rigging Homework

Rigging homework post again. Had to rig the legs and spines of these cat-like skeletons.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Art History Strikes Back

Colored it up. I think this style of painting only lends itself to drawings like this. Too much definition in the drawing and the way you paint highlights and such loses its effect. Also a lack of big broad shapes helps. Added the lightning because she just felt like she was casting some sort of spell. Setting a brush to color dodge really makes doing energy-like stuff easy to do.

This really makes me want to get some cotton candy or something. Also, I seem to have broken past 2k pageviews on my blog here. I know those can't all be me, so thanks to all you anonymous visitors :)

Art History Returns

I tried out Paul Richards style again (No reference this time), which I really really enjoy doing. Its oddly relaxing haha. Anyways again this was done in Art History. It feels a little less detailed than when I had reference, it could also be because I didn't get around to do a quick shadow pass with my mechanical pencil. Looking forward to seeing if I can paint this up like last one, or see if that style was a random fluke caused by my lack of sleep. Also... random troll monster head, dunno why I did it.

Humanities Rides Again!

Had 2 hours to wait in class cause the professor was going to be late. Anyways I passed the time by power napping and sketching. Not much to say really, I always really like that hairstyle I put on my mercenary girl ever since I drew it. Everything else was just random practice or mindless doodling.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

El Gato Del Rig

More required rigging homework posts. Had to build a skeleton for this cat.