Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Mask of Death

Couldn't sleep so I fired up zBrush and sculpted the Death's mask from Darksiders 2. Which I can't wait to play. Anyways no artsy stuff out of me for this one haha, wasn't my concept. I really think I could make this whole zBrush thing work for me. I've never really done stuff for fun in a 3D program until now. I really enjoyed sculpting with real clay, spent hours working with it. Figures I'd enjoy a digital version of that just as much. Turning a circle into something like this, is just too much fun. Anyways I did a quick paintover to make this into a contest entry to win a real mask haha. I'll post a thumbnail  below.


  1. i want make one plz send the link for make one on papercraft!

  2. I don't think one exists... sorry dude.

  3. i mean the obj or 3d file i will papercraft plz :P