Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Humanities & Drawing

         Gen Ed classes seem to be great places to fill my sketchbook. No where else does drawing seem to be so important. This probably stems from that fact that I would ALWAYS, doodle or sketch during classes my whole life. College just lets me do more, and I can still not get slammed for doing it, and still somehow passing the class as well. 
         Anyways, basically this is a priestess which I partially started over break (then finished today), and two warrior types Male and Female. All of which I tried to fit into a similar Civilization. Large blocky stripes, feathers, and a sort of overlapping of materials in the priestess dress I carried over into the armor sets.
         Partially inspired by the Gamestop exclusive Mass Effect 3 pre-order armor, and the Demon Hunter artwork from Diablo 3 (mostly just the spaudlers) were my jumping point for the warrior armor. A bit ridiculous and oversized but I think much more interesting visually than a pair of curved plates slapped onto the shoulder. I believe my design with the large sweeping curves overlapped makes a much more dramatic piece of armor, maybe not practical, but cool.
         Finding a placement for the feathers came from Star Wars: Episode I. Strange I know, but during the battle for Naboo with the Gungans riding those bi-pedal creatures, the way that the feathers/leaves/stalks whatever you want to call them, stood out in a way like they were attached to the Gungans, and not the animals. Which after I quickly sketched them out on the spaulders, looked good. Also I felt made the armor more mystical or spiritual. Something more than just an average set of armor.
         As far as details go, the only real thing I added was the large blocky stripes along the armor. Without which, looked pretty empty. It's surprising how a simple shape can make something look so much more chaotic/complex. It's also very bold and striking, like poisonous animals, their coloring let's you know they are there, and deadly.
         The female version I didn't change too much. I mostly scaled and shrank everything down, and tried to make it more curved and not as blocky in places. Also removed the belly armor, cause in fantasy women don't need it apparently. Also the gauntlet feathers are gone (Only one is visible on the male). The biggest change took place in the spaulders, and head. I moved the feathers so that only one is on each layer of armor, and placed one on her hood (Looks kind of like a quail). To give a different silhouette from the male armor. The hood itself is two separate pieces, the inner hood is like a normal one, and is attached to the collar piece of the armor. With a larger hood covering that, and attached to the innermost piece of the spaulders which I don't think I really conveyed that well. The last little change was a mini sort of banner that hangs from the shoulder piece, something I always used to attach to my armor drawings for years.
          I also added a lance of sorts. It is attached to the gauntlets, by fabric wrapped around the gauntlet and the lance's shaft. (She is carrying two of them if it isn't clear.) I wanted to add a weapon for the guy as well, but I couldn't find a way to make it work on the paper. So just imagine him with a large claymore or axe. 

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