Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Humanities & Drawing 2

Once again Gen Eds prove how much they make me draw in such a short (relatively) amount of time. Anyways I thought I'd revisit my Mercenary Girl from almost a year ago that I posted here. Still pulling from my love of warrior women. I tried to keep my themes from the last one which were the obligatory skin-tight suit, gun, visor, and some sort of armor-like bits. I also added a re-modified version of one of my oldest characters as like a cutesy side-kick. My favorite idea I added to this whole piece was the area of the head, shaved back to reveal a barcode. I thought it added an idea of what the world she lives in would be like. An oppressive totalitarian regime, where humans are coded and tracked? The amount of stuff I could think up to make sense of that barcode is almost endless, and a fun exercise.  The mental references I tried to use consisted of Starcraft: Ghost, Blade Runner, and more of an Anime-like set of armor. You know the fanciful, not really practical stuff, mostly that hip/waist piece I'm not sure it's entirely practical.

Anyways, I ditched most of the fanciful stuff in the smaller sketch. Simple pouches along the belt, and a leg strap with some ammunition on it. Kept the little companion, just having it is fun I think. Maybe that's why anime runs rampant with cutesy sidekicks haha. Played with some expressions for him along the bottom.

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