Monday, December 10, 2012

Monk-y Redo

Hey all, long story short my trusty old tablet finally broke and just got a brand new Intuos5. Hadn't really had the chance to break it in until now. Finals have started for me this week and I just wanted to get that off my mind, so I decided to retry the female monk from Diablo 3 again without lines. I had taken a couple old demo files from one of my professors and tried to figure out how he painted them. Reverse engineering a painting is rather fun when you manage to achieve similar results. She did kinda get stretched since I wasn't really paying attention to anything but how to paint.

Anyways this came out better than I had hoped, considering how unwary I am of using so much color, like the blues/purples in the shadows. It really does make the end result feel... nicer, not really sure why yet.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Here's my second project from my Editing Techniques class. A trailer mash-up, and I can honestly say these are a total blast to do. I used the audio from the Iron Man 3 trailer, and clips from Robocop to make this and I think they worked pretty well. Of course it does feel like I made it easier on myself by not really parodying two sources, but I love Robocop and I love Ironman. With both movies coming out I figured why not marry the two of them together and as a bonus get a grade as well haha.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still Alive

Hey all, sorry about not posting for like a month. Just been busy with school and more importantly the first of my portfolio classes. Which also means I will eventually be thrust out into the world to find some form of employment, kind of a scary thought the more I dwell on it.

Anyways, here's some head studies I did yesterday. One of my friends posted one the other day and it got me all fired up to do something in photoshop. It really made me see how rusty I was at painting and that faces are still something I need to focus on more. Especially since I'm aiming my portfolio for character modeling.

So, both studies are of the same girl/ref which you can check out on the poorly updated, but always useful Did the greyscale in like 40mins, I think the color took me considerably longer. Your art skills are like a good knife, you have to take care of it or it dulls.

I'll try to update a bit more, I know I have some drawings laying around somewhere. Just have to find them. There's also a super awesome new zBrush sculpt in the works so you anonymous viewers can look forward to that.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Death con Color

Tis' Colored! Got done yesterday, and today I see all the problems with it. Mainly with the back of his torso, it's crazy dark as is. I guess it looked better the other day or something. Which is why it's a good reason to get an outside opinion of your work, or just take a break and come back to your work. Seeing things with fresh eyes helps out a lot when your doing anything. I've probably spent over 50+ hours on this thing, and it took me a good night of rest to see problems I couldn't see yesterday.

Anyways, I'll probably go back and tweak this some more, fix the back, and also try messing with some color choices. I tried to keep to the color scheme I was referencing, but the boots and gauntlets (that I made up) were from a different 'armor set' and don't quite mesh with the colors as they are. It could even be a design issue, and I think that's the main reason. The boots are a completely different style compare to the waist armor, and I think that's what breaks it. Might just have to go back and remodel those.

Just when I thought I was done, I find more work I have to do haha. Reminds me of the quote from Leonardo DaVinci - "Art is never finished, only abandoned."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Darksiders 2 Death

Been awhile since I posted, but only for a lack of material to post. So wow... almost 1k pageviews again and I'm getting hits from places like Kenya haha. So thank you again to all you anonymous vistors. Hopefully the amount of work/me rambling about art stuff in this post will tide me over for awhile again.

Anyways, here's my sculpt of Death from Darksiders 2! Did it in less than a week as well, I would of taken longer if I had more than a week to do it in. As you may or may not be able to tell I had to rush through some stuff just to get it done. I would of liked to of figured out how to make certain armor pieces as I saw them in the concept work, but I didn't have the time. The gauntlets however are of my own design, as I couldn't find something more than simple, and less than epic in the images I looked through. I think they look like they fit in surprisingly well, but I had spent the last few days doing the rest of the armor so that helped me along with their design too.

Doing my best to nail the art style was also quite a challenge. Only going off the concept will get you so far, you really have to look at some normal anatomy also to figure out what 'that muscle' looks like so you can exaggerate it properly. Case in point I did not realize that the muscles over his shoulder blades were actually his shoulder blades, till I looked at some normal stuff and saw that those were the exaggerated muscles on your scapula. It also does not want to obey the normal rules of proportion most of the time. To make the head look right I had to extend the neck up quite a bit, but overall it looks right doesn't it? Having your own style is cool and all, but the rules are there for a reason. However, knowing when to break them is quite possibly one of the most important things you could learn.

Anyways his coattail/kilt parts (I don't know the proper name) aren't ragged yet cause I figured it would be easier to do when I make my low poly version with some alpha maps. Speaking of which, this almost 4.6mil poly model will be pretty useless unless I can get a nice low poly version finished. Which is also my next challenge as well as unwrapping/texturing this whole thing. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flame on!

If you haven't been able to figure it out by now, our hero (Despite the title of this post) is based on Firefly from Batman. Our story filled with clichés and sort of typical hero stuff didn't really feel like it needed a special unique hero or villain.

Out of all our concepts though it was kind of funny how characters that were basically rip offs of other established characters were the ones our team gravitated towards. Goes to show that people like those things for a reason I suppose. I honestly had never heard of Firefly, when I saw the original sketch I was thinking about the Rocketeer. Which is also one of my favorite movies.

Anyways no real reason behind this piece either, just another thing to get people going in our group. I guess it was also a break from having to do proper character turnarounds. That stuff really wears you out. So much thinking about things you normally don't care about cause you're usually doing a one-off drawing. I suppose that's a good thing in the end though.

Fire & Ice

Here's a quick sketch I did, just to make something for fun and to 'hopefully' get the rest of my Production Studio class in the mood to work on this, since we begin animating next week.

You wouldn't think it but this is severely edited in photoshop haha, well unless your monitor's colors are different than mine, then you can probably tell. I reposed the characters forever trying to find the right angles and changed the colors to red and blue. Also it's so much cleaner than it actually is, Photoshop really is amazing isn't it?

The Mother & Daughter

Here is our unnamed mother and daughter for a story beat in the beginning of our project. Not much to say about 'em. Both designs were started by my friend Lee who you can check out at I ended up modifying the designs again, just because we wanted all designs to be similar. The little girl is barely changed and the mother's body shape was the only thing I kept from his. Originally the mother had a ponytail off to the side, like her daughter. However this made her look like an older sister or something. So I settled on a bobbed kind of hairstyle.

Also on a side note front views always make my characters look weird now that I'm looking at them again... not sure if that's normal or something I should be working on.

The Hero

Here's the Hero of my Production Studio project, the "T" stands for Trojan (As in Trojan Man, get it?) Anyways all immature silliness aside I think I like this the most out of all the characters. Knowing the plot also makes me feel kind of bad for our hero, but I won't give anything away till it's finished.

Again not all designs are mine here. The alter ego again is mine, but the hero costume design was originally done by my friend Lee, and then another guy in our group took it from there. I finalized and refined the design into what you see on the bottom image.

The Villainess

Well here's some turnarounds from my Production Studio class. Tis' the ice based villain of our story, complete with alter ego as well. The story has quite a twist, at least we think so and despite it being so dead serious I think it'll be fun.

Not all here is my work, the super villain costume was created by my friend Lee, who you can check out here I edited his turnarounds and I guess you can still see the eraser marks from his original line art. Her alter ego is all my idea, and I had originally drawn her head too big, thank god for photoshop haha.

Anyways hopefully the costume scan looks ok, I didn't scan it myself I don't have the original.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Well once again I've somehow become art director on another Flash Animation based class. My story pitch sadly lost by one vote, and I wasn't able to do my sequel I've been itching to do for Desperado since I invented that character. Instead we're diving into some serious dramatic territory with a superhero story.

The story is fairly cliché and I couldn't really stray from conventional hero types. So I got down a quick and very sketchy generic hero body type, and tinkered with it. So here are the three I did, a sort of Commando Samurai Jack, Deadpool-ish masked hero, and finally a hero who's inspiration I can't even recall anymore. I want to say a hero or villain that had bird-like overtones in the costume.

Anyways the other guys in our group that actually were assigned to design the hero/villain came up with plenty of fun designs of which we more or less got our characters finalized. Hopefully our team which is much larger than it was for Deep Blue Sky, will really pull this off well. Guess I'll see what happens in about 9 weeks.

Also my heart goes out for the victims of the TDKR shooting in Aurora, Colorado. That kind of stuff just pisses me off, six and nine year olds there to enjoy a movie gunned down by a nut case. It's just not right.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Pretty Face

I've realized lately, I've been drawing nothing but some really generic faces. They literally feel all the same, and while every artist develops their own sort of default face for men and women I felt like I needed to draw more of them from reference. I kind of worked myself into this spot since most of my boredom sketches are all about glorified muscular definition and I've never really focused on the face. So yesterday afternoon I had some time to kill, and

Anyways I felt like I should focus on faces for awhile when I have the chance. So yesterday afternoon I had some time to kill, and sketched this up.The reference for this comes from which is a great reference resource, and while he doesn't update much anymore there are more than plenty of images to practice anatomy, some clothes, and props. Go to the left, and click on 'photosets' under 'Archives'. I forget which set this is from but you'll recognize it if you find it haha.

Anyways that's all I got for now. I just realized I haven't slept since 6am yesterday and it's 5:30am now. Time to get some sleep. Also wow I'm at 5.5k views already and I haven't even posted for awhile. I think this is probably the most popular web-thing I've ever made on the internet haha. Thanks again to all you anonymous visitors.

Anatomy Drawin'

Again here's some forgotten sketches I found from last quarter. Practicing my own little brand of anatomy I suppose. Been really messing up lately, I hadn't really watched Anime for like a year and I binged on it over my break. Consequently my sleep schedule is messed up and I'm drawing legs much longer than I usually do. The stuff you watch really influences you! Which is why it's important to always practice your basics, and do Life Drawing. 

Even a sharp blade dulls without sharping! Practice Practice Practice!

Mystic Girl

Here's a sketch from like 3 weeks ago, I completely forgot it was in my sketchbook. Anyways, I don't think I had any idea in mind when I drew this out. Just kind of attacked it from an artistic vacuum, which comprised of me going "Hmm...I think this looks neat" as I drew random shapes on top of the anatomy to form her armor. I think it fits together well considering I had no direction in mind.

It's really nice to draw like this once in awhile. Remembering all your techniques and design philosophies you learn in classes/books takes it's toll when you draw. I believe one of my professors explained to me roughly as your brain draws it pulls on all you've learned sub-consciously, and when you consciously think about those things, it hinders you.  When you draw without letting all your training take up your brain's RAM (Processing) I believe you create much easier.

Deep Blue Sky

Well I should of posted this like a month ago, but here's the end result of my friend and I's crazy shark idea. I designed most of the characters and converted them to flash, my friend handled the sharks and a fair bit of animation himself.  You can check out his dA page here: He's pretty good at makin' monsters and better at painting in Photoshop than me I think as well. Anyways, there were other group members naturally and there was probably as much pain as there was fun put in to making this.

Still at the end we wanted to fix more things, improve the look of backgrounds, shots, and different assets. Time was something we didn't have by then and only a few fixes made it in. All in all though our professor liked it and we passed. Hope you like it, more posts to come soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Mercenary Girl

Wasn't doing too much Tuesday afternoon, lately I'm usually in our school's Cintiq lab doing something in photoshop on Tuesdays. However being week 10 of 11 at my school most of them had been confiscated for rendering out 3D stuff for assorted projects. So I cracked out my sketchbook and started to draw. Ended up doing up another version of my space/sci-fi mercenary girl I keep redrawing occasionally. Went for something simpler I think than I did previously.

Had to fix her right leg in photoshop after I scanned it in, it looked completely wrong haha. Foreshortening is a tricky thing, the big secret though is that you don't draw anything larger than normal. Which is what most people think you have to do. It's all about using the wrapping/contours of your lines to give the appearance of overlap between things like the upper/lower leg. Once you get that down it's not as terrifying as you initially think it is.

Life Drawin'

Finally got a chance to drop by my school's Life Drawing Club on Thursday last week. Here's the best one or rather the best two of the night.

Space Gurl

Just felt like experimenting. Had no real concept at the initial sketch, I had thought it would be another D3 Monk sketch. Yet, I ended up taking the space route with this. Still not sure if I like it or not haha. Not much to say, but I do like the helmet I made. I'll probably use it somewhere else down the line.

Mongolian Death Worms

Well here's the stuff I teased in the last post. My friend had done the classic sort of water hydra from greek myth, and me and another friend were helping him out with the composition. Afterwards, I really really wanted to do some form of hydra. So I thought desert was the polar opposite of water, and figured a desert hydra was a neat idea. About halfway through the lineart I felt like making my barbarian figure something atypical as well. I immediately thought of the Mongols. I wasn't exactly sure why, then it hit me about an hour later that there's a myth in the deserts of Mongolia about a "Death Worm" and realized I had hit home with what my Hydra was. Then I found out Syfy Channel had made a Mongolian Death Worm B-movie, and as usual it was terrible. The fact that their worms almost exactly resembled mine was kind of disheartening. However, I plowed through and finished it anyways.

I originally was going to do grey scale and then color that, but it looked too weird with colors. Everything didn't look right, and I decided to leave it greyscale. I pumped up the contrast, and added and vignette to focus more on my Mongolian dude there and called it done.

The whole idea for this piece was basically all the stuff you want when you see something like like an epic barbarian. I have him fighting a monster, he has a girl at his feet, he's on a pile of treasure, and he's summoning lightening to his empower his weapon. At least thats what I felt something epic would be haha.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Of things to come...

Figured I should post one more thing. This isn't the whole image, but a preview of something I'm working on. It should be pretty epic by the time I finish. I think it covers all the basics when creating an epic looking poster. Can't wait till I finish it, I'd post all my progress right now but I have a habit of not finishing something when I do that haha.

Character Reforging

Well I did this a couple weeks ago. Looking over some work up in the halls on campus, saw some guy's character up on the wall and wanted to do my own version of it.

The end result is my version above, a bit more simple than his but I think it gets down to all that was necessary in his design.

Anyways, I think this is the fastest I've gotten a thousand views so far. Past 4k already, I must be getting popular or something haha. Once again, thank you to all you anonymous visitors. I know you're out there.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Pretty Girl Challenge

Well a couple of my friends at school have this "challenge" basically they pick a photo of a sexy/pretty lady and then you have to paint it in photoshop. I was burnt out from doing homework on the computers, and I decided I'd join up. Cranked out the lineart in about 40 minutes, and spent the next 20 or 30 minutes shading. Mostly dealing with the hair, I couldn't treat it like I normally do as a graphic shape cause it clashed with the rest of it. So it looks pretty horrible when I see it now, it's not too bad from a distance though haha. Anyways, it was a fun little distraction from schoolwork.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monk-y Do

I figured I'd complete the set, and do the female monk from D3 as well. It also allowed me to have some fun with the post titles. You'd think it would go faster this time. It didn't, something about drawing ladies seems to slow me down immensely. I think it's some sub-conscious thing. Drawing a guy is easier in that our brain can let them be a little rougher and not as pretty. Then when you're drawing a girl, it's harder because you want them to look nice. Then again it could be the fact that you draw what you know easier. I mean was born and been a guy for 22 years, don't know much about being a woman haha. Both are valid reasons in my mind.

Anyways, the colors were the second problem for me. For the longest time I couldn't get them to look 'right'. Eventually I realized the problem was I was color picking from the female monk concept art for D3. So I ditched that and went with a set of 3 main colors: red, gold, and orange. (Brown is a shade of orange btw) Then the color's just seemed to work out right, and from a distance I think they match the general color palette for Diablo 3. Skin seems a bit too orange/yellow-y to me now... I might go back and make it paler.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monk-y See

Well what started as a spaceman, ended up as a monk. I blame the Diablo 3 open beta, I really like Monk class. I did try out a new method for colors that I picked up from Carlo Arellano when he dropped by our school awhile ago to give a lecture on creature design. Basically you do your base colors, and then use it as a mask, and you don't have to worry about additional coloring outside the lines/borders of what you want. Which is a real time saver, and it was a fun lecture learned a lot about character design, and got to listen to some fun industry stories. Back on topic, I didn't reference the pose so I apologize if this isn't a proper stance. I just based it off of all the random martial arts I've seen in movies over the years haha.

I also seem to have broken past 3k pageviews now, which I have to say was a lot faster than it took me to get to 1k, and 2k haha. Anyways, thank you again to all my anonymous visitors. I know you're out there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Scientists!

Well here's a couple more scientists. We needed some more characters to flesh out the world I suppose. Then I realized we had like no female characters. So I made a lady scientist to counter all the dudes haha. Anyways I'm having fun doing all this simple stuff. Which surprisingly is fairly difficult. These aren't meant to really be animated. Maybe just blink, look at things, etc.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Here's another character for our Animation Studio project. The lead scientist cause every cheesy sc-fi movie needs one. This one happens to be based on our professor for the class. Michael Swannigan, that man has probably storyboarded your entire childhood. Currently, we're wondering what voice to give him. I'm flopping back and forth between something silly, or serious. It could mean the difference between him failing or passing us haha.


Well production for my group's project for our Animation Studio class is moving along pretty well now. Anyways I've ended up Art Directing, and unifying designs for characters since we have so many people working on artwork at the moment. So on the left is the idea for the general, that one of our members did up. The line art and far right are my finalized designs for the character. We thought it would be fun to make him short, and always walking around with his arms like that. "Cause he's macho" or something to that effect.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just when you thought it was safe... go back into the skies, ROCKET SHARK! Anyways started off this quarter with my Animation Studio class, and it looks like my group is moving forward with that silly sharks with balloons idea me and a friend did up last quarter. The plot makes sense... for a comedy at least. Anyways there's isn't too much to say about this. It's a shark tied to a nuclear missile, why the shark is needed at all is a mystery. As a nice added touch I put that shark/tiger face P51 Mustangs always had painted on the front end of the planes. I also seem to have misspelled launch.... how unfortunate.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Was reading through some forum posts on a design for an alien species. So I did this up as a potential candidate from their descriptions. At least for a humanoid type of alien. No referencing the original aliens, just wanted to see what I would make on my own. A fun fact about the design was that there was a desire to appeal to asian audiences. So I based the silhouette on samurai armor, and from a distance it looks samurai-ish I suppose haha. Mocked this all up somewhere between 20 or 30 minutes

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Just a quick sketch in zBrush. Wanted to see how quick I could churn out a skull. I think it took me 20 to 30 minutes. Why must zBrush be so fun, and endlessly entertaining. Not so much to say about this though, I mean it's a skull and it looks angry. /shrug

Deep Blue Sky

Okay time for something silly. These all started with my friend asking me for a critique on a drawing he was doing. Some random guy on the internet asked him to redo one of his characters. It was a shark that flew around in a storm cloud that it generated by itself in the air. So, I gave him my opinion talking about giving it air sacs, etc all to make it somehow plausible. Then I gave my smartass critique which involved tying the shark to a hot air balloon, and letting it float off.

Cue a nearly 15 minute long session of us laughing, coming up with more ridiculous stuff. The end result was us drawing our own air shark designs. He drew, while I used Photoshop. The end result is what you see above. Totally ridiculous concept, but a total blast to do.

My personal favorite is rocket shark.

Greyscale Marine

Again, playing with my new Space Marine design. Been getting out of practice with Photoshop. Have to get back in to gear again. Not to happy with the overall image, but I think I pushed in the right direction.

Space Marine v2

Naturally later in the week in my Art History class, I took another stab at my new-fangled space marine. Which I think lost some of the look of the original. I suppose it's not as bulky as it should be. The helmet also being thinner took away from all that weight the first one suggested. Anyways, I can't really think of much else to say. Some tinkering and noodling the design will eventually generate something I'll like. Again, you can't really bang out a design on the first try. I think of designs like really wrinkly clothes, you have to really iron them out to get something nice. There's always something you can change or take away for the better.

Of Monks & Space Marines...

Here we are again with Humanities. sketched up a "Monk" I had the upper torso more or less sketched out, and wasn't sure what to do with it. Then a brief mention of Buddism during my class got my gears turning, and bam I drew a Monk haha. Ideas really do come from everywhere.

So finished with my Monk, I just drew a shape. Which I stared at for awhile, and said to myself that would be an interesting helmet. The shape became the head of my "space marine" next to the monk. I thought it made for a nice change to the usual design for space marines. Almost knight-like or papal in the way it looks. I'm sure it's not entirely practical either... but I like it. I really liked the concept of it all when I finished.

Elven fail...

After spacing out in class for a few hours after I drew my previous post, I felt like drawing an elf warrior.  Then about halfway through I realized I was returning to my old habits before I started art school. Drawing without a gesture/underdrawing, making up details as I went. There was no consistency. It also made getting the form difficult as I went further into this. So I scrapped it, after making a note to "sketch before detail" Lesson learned, and also goes to show not everything you will do is a winner. I do really like the head though, makes for an interesting shape in silhouette.

Faeries *insert glitter here*

With nothing else on to watch before I had to leave for my Humanities class, I sat and watched Fern Gully. Between that and randomly remembering Ian McCaig's love of faeries, I felt the need to draw a couple when I was sitting in class. Unsuccessfully trying to blend Paul Richard's style with Krysta from Fern Gully. So, I gave up and drew the bottom one... and forgot to add the wings now that I'm looking at it. Oh well, I like the way I did her hair though.

Art History Notes

Well here's the official start of my sketches I've been meaning to post for a awhile now. Again these are from my Art History class, and for once actual notes again. It's amazing I know, but anyways not much to say about them. I just kind of went with whatever my hand ended up drawing. The only sketch here with any thought put in to it is the naked one. Some student in my class did a powerpoint on pin-ups and well... yeah.

Beserker Rig

My final for my 3D Character Rigging class. Picked the Berserker from Gears of War 1. I really did have fun with this, which was contrary to my view of rigging going in to the class. I had a lot of fun working on it, and that counter-balanced all the frustration rigging this mesh generated haha.

It's not a real fancy rig with nice facial controls, and things but for a basic rig... I think it's good. I mean you can make it dance if you wanted, and honestly who wouldn't want to see a Berserker dance?

Zbrush Final

Well here it is, my character modeling final. I really do have to say I like Character Modeling, at least in zBrush. Hopefully I can build my portfolio around it as I get closer to my graduation. Anyways, it's all zBrush, textures and all. Was easier than the last one I did, mainly because I made so many mistakes on my first character.

Also sorry about not posting recently, I had gotten WAY too busy as my finals rolled around. I'll probably be posting all of my backlog of art today.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going Gaga for Humanities Naga

The Naga who you may or may not know do 'not' come from Warcraft haha, but from Hinduism and Buddism. Are most associated with snakes, Warcraft made them ocean dwellers, and I like that direction as well. My naga were my jumping point for my fishy humanoid race I did for my comparative anatomy class, the Sentinels. So, I thought I'd take another stab at the original character I did a long while ago, which people always seemed to like. (It's on this blog, a little digging will turn it up.) Now a previous post stated I was working on new character in zBrush. *hint* *hint* It's this. It's funny really that I drew this after sitting through class learning about the Holy Grail and the Renaissance in Humanities. You'd think I'd draw a chivalrous Knight or something. Apparently my brain doesn't take to outside influence that well.

Also... looking back on this I missed an opportunity to do a blue balls joke, if only I used a blue prismacolor instead of my usual red haha. Red balls isn't a thing is it? No, probably not... sounds like it'd be some sort of disease... I'll be quiet now.


Well during class our professor asked us to make a skull for a demo he gave us on re-topologizing a mesh and then projecting the detail onto it. So we could have our nice sculpted mesh and save a ton of polygons. So if we wanted to we could sub-divide the mesh even further. Anyways I did the skull up in something under 10 minutes, before we all had to move on. After we finished, I went back and fixed up some things and put in the teeth, which took longer to get right than the rest of the skull haha. I'm also working on a new character for my class as well in zBrush, so look forward to that as well.

Monday, February 27, 2012

N7 Art History!

My anticipation for Mass Effect 3 is driving me somewhat into an insatiable frenzy of any Mass Effect related news. Which is something my brain normally reserves for all Blizzard games. Anyways, I got the Artbook for Mass Effect, and subsequently ruined the major story points for ME3. I caution any ME enthusiast who buys the Art of the Mass Effect Universe to avoid going into the Mass Effect 3 section, there be spoilers! Anyways, it's a decent art book and I liked all the ideations they did just to establish the look of Mass Effect. So during Art History, I cracked open the art book and sketched up a somewhat cartoony but still Mass Effect style armor/character thing. All while correctly answering questions from my professor during the lecture, love that class.

Week Old Humanities sketch!

Caved in again with the whole Paul Richard's thing. They're just fun to do, I can't really think of any other reason no matter many times I've posted these. Also a poorly drawn eyeball with accompanying disembodied head that I was checking head proportions with. On the right you can catch some random scribbles I did to help a friend with his composition homework for another class.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Art History Man-ified!

I've been drawing those, what I'm now referring to as "Paul Richard Girls" a bit too much. So I felt drawing some guys would help to counter-balance that. My Art History class as always seemed to be the perfect time to sketch and doodle. So I did up this space armor suit, I kind of wanted it to be like a beefed up armored Sith, but he ended up as a pretty run of the mill space guy with a gun on his arm. Didn't end up finishing the feet. I have to admit they are a weak point for me, I just can't seem to care about shoes... Anyways I then went cartoon-y along the side of the page. Playing with what I could do with an over extended lower lip. Which I got some fun results with.

Humanities Sketches

Well I needed to get back into sketching after being horribly sick for a week, and my Humanities class provided for me once again. Was planning out the look of my zBrush character's hair on the top. Then moved onto to some face sketches that turned into superhero busts. I did my own version of Iron Man, and a semi-futuristic Batman. Then the amazing Spider-Man! With obligatory spider sense tingling. Sketched up a gladiator... but I'm not too happy with him. Feels too feminine, probably just the waist and skirt, even if Kratos wore one I guess it doesn't mean everyone can wear one. Other tidbits include a random horse head, and a quick little Chihuahua-ish head because my Mom just got one, which means I'm stuck with it too. I will admit the dog is pretty darn cute though.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Everyday I'm zBrushin'

First of all, my apologies for not posting lately I've been really really sick. Anyways this is what I've been up to lately in zBrush. My first official complete Character. Anyways I was going to do my character Ka, but I modeled the body wrong. Should of made the base model complete with gauntlets and the like. That's getting off track though, if you recall a few posts back I redid my Mercenary girl and used that as reference when I took my character down a different direction. I embellished some things, and ignored some of the accessories simple because I don't think I can model them yet. Also changed the hair style cause I couldn't get it to look right from all angles. So I remembered Akima's hair style from Titan A.E. and repurposed that. Not too much going on in the color department, but I like the simplicity of it. A bit of Tron definitely influencing this. Black and Turquoise were already one of my favorite color combos, Tron: Legacy just cemented them in place.

On a side note, this keeps making me think of Kelly Chambers from Mass Effect 2 if she was a mercenary.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rigging Homework

Rigging homework post again. Had to rig the legs and spines of these cat-like skeletons.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Art History Strikes Back

Colored it up. I think this style of painting only lends itself to drawings like this. Too much definition in the drawing and the way you paint highlights and such loses its effect. Also a lack of big broad shapes helps. Added the lightning because she just felt like she was casting some sort of spell. Setting a brush to color dodge really makes doing energy-like stuff easy to do.

This really makes me want to get some cotton candy or something. Also, I seem to have broken past 2k pageviews on my blog here. I know those can't all be me, so thanks to all you anonymous visitors :)