Saturday, February 18, 2012

Humanities Sketches

Well I needed to get back into sketching after being horribly sick for a week, and my Humanities class provided for me once again. Was planning out the look of my zBrush character's hair on the top. Then moved onto to some face sketches that turned into superhero busts. I did my own version of Iron Man, and a semi-futuristic Batman. Then the amazing Spider-Man! With obligatory spider sense tingling. Sketched up a gladiator... but I'm not too happy with him. Feels too feminine, probably just the waist and skirt, even if Kratos wore one I guess it doesn't mean everyone can wear one. Other tidbits include a random horse head, and a quick little Chihuahua-ish head because my Mom just got one, which means I'm stuck with it too. I will admit the dog is pretty darn cute though.

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