Monday, March 26, 2012


Was reading through some forum posts on a design for an alien species. So I did this up as a potential candidate from their descriptions. At least for a humanoid type of alien. No referencing the original aliens, just wanted to see what I would make on my own. A fun fact about the design was that there was a desire to appeal to asian audiences. So I based the silhouette on samurai armor, and from a distance it looks samurai-ish I suppose haha. Mocked this all up somewhere between 20 or 30 minutes

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Just a quick sketch in zBrush. Wanted to see how quick I could churn out a skull. I think it took me 20 to 30 minutes. Why must zBrush be so fun, and endlessly entertaining. Not so much to say about this though, I mean it's a skull and it looks angry. /shrug

Deep Blue Sky

Okay time for something silly. These all started with my friend asking me for a critique on a drawing he was doing. Some random guy on the internet asked him to redo one of his characters. It was a shark that flew around in a storm cloud that it generated by itself in the air. So, I gave him my opinion talking about giving it air sacs, etc all to make it somehow plausible. Then I gave my smartass critique which involved tying the shark to a hot air balloon, and letting it float off.

Cue a nearly 15 minute long session of us laughing, coming up with more ridiculous stuff. The end result was us drawing our own air shark designs. He drew, while I used Photoshop. The end result is what you see above. Totally ridiculous concept, but a total blast to do.

My personal favorite is rocket shark.

Greyscale Marine

Again, playing with my new Space Marine design. Been getting out of practice with Photoshop. Have to get back in to gear again. Not to happy with the overall image, but I think I pushed in the right direction.

Space Marine v2

Naturally later in the week in my Art History class, I took another stab at my new-fangled space marine. Which I think lost some of the look of the original. I suppose it's not as bulky as it should be. The helmet also being thinner took away from all that weight the first one suggested. Anyways, I can't really think of much else to say. Some tinkering and noodling the design will eventually generate something I'll like. Again, you can't really bang out a design on the first try. I think of designs like really wrinkly clothes, you have to really iron them out to get something nice. There's always something you can change or take away for the better.

Of Monks & Space Marines...

Here we are again with Humanities. sketched up a "Monk" I had the upper torso more or less sketched out, and wasn't sure what to do with it. Then a brief mention of Buddism during my class got my gears turning, and bam I drew a Monk haha. Ideas really do come from everywhere.

So finished with my Monk, I just drew a shape. Which I stared at for awhile, and said to myself that would be an interesting helmet. The shape became the head of my "space marine" next to the monk. I thought it made for a nice change to the usual design for space marines. Almost knight-like or papal in the way it looks. I'm sure it's not entirely practical either... but I like it. I really liked the concept of it all when I finished.

Elven fail...

After spacing out in class for a few hours after I drew my previous post, I felt like drawing an elf warrior.  Then about halfway through I realized I was returning to my old habits before I started art school. Drawing without a gesture/underdrawing, making up details as I went. There was no consistency. It also made getting the form difficult as I went further into this. So I scrapped it, after making a note to "sketch before detail" Lesson learned, and also goes to show not everything you will do is a winner. I do really like the head though, makes for an interesting shape in silhouette.

Faeries *insert glitter here*

With nothing else on to watch before I had to leave for my Humanities class, I sat and watched Fern Gully. Between that and randomly remembering Ian McCaig's love of faeries, I felt the need to draw a couple when I was sitting in class. Unsuccessfully trying to blend Paul Richard's style with Krysta from Fern Gully. So, I gave up and drew the bottom one... and forgot to add the wings now that I'm looking at it. Oh well, I like the way I did her hair though.

Art History Notes

Well here's the official start of my sketches I've been meaning to post for a awhile now. Again these are from my Art History class, and for once actual notes again. It's amazing I know, but anyways not much to say about them. I just kind of went with whatever my hand ended up drawing. The only sketch here with any thought put in to it is the naked one. Some student in my class did a powerpoint on pin-ups and well... yeah.

Beserker Rig

My final for my 3D Character Rigging class. Picked the Berserker from Gears of War 1. I really did have fun with this, which was contrary to my view of rigging going in to the class. I had a lot of fun working on it, and that counter-balanced all the frustration rigging this mesh generated haha.

It's not a real fancy rig with nice facial controls, and things but for a basic rig... I think it's good. I mean you can make it dance if you wanted, and honestly who wouldn't want to see a Berserker dance?

Zbrush Final

Well here it is, my character modeling final. I really do have to say I like Character Modeling, at least in zBrush. Hopefully I can build my portfolio around it as I get closer to my graduation. Anyways, it's all zBrush, textures and all. Was easier than the last one I did, mainly because I made so many mistakes on my first character.

Also sorry about not posting recently, I had gotten WAY too busy as my finals rolled around. I'll probably be posting all of my backlog of art today.