Sunday, June 19, 2011


My brain's mental escape from Finals about halfway through. Among other things this was the best of the bunch. Just getting something done that wasn't straight up schoolwork was such a great stress reliever. Anyways just threw some lame colors and some BG junk to make it a little nicer maybe... probably not. Somewhere my fundamentals of design teacher is crying I bet.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fishy People

Comparative Anatomy. Decided I'd make some humanoids. Lots of thinking about stuff.

Clothing was partially inspired by the sleek-ness of wetsuits, but mainly started as an idea from the designs from the game Mass Effect. Watched a few videos about their design process for clothing in their 'future' world. I really attached to this idea of a long overcoat/dress they had with a bold colored stripe running down the middle.

It was pretty striking and felt like that was the direction I wanted to go. The original had them running around in like loincloths. Which because I designed their anatomy, wanted to show it off. In the end though the cloaks were the better option.

Anyways click it to read all the fun facts I made up.

Face Melting Predator

It probably can melt your face off too. This was a tough one, I had finished the rest of my Comparative anatomy designs, and I really wanted to make a predator. I spent pages roughing through design and design. 

Finally I gave up and just picked a set of spider eyes, and fleshed out the head from around it. Funny how the simple solution delivers the design you want. All the other designs suffered from a lack of fierce-ness. None of them immediately screamed 'This thing can and will eat you." This spider/cat gave me that impression days before it was due. Wish I had more time to flesh it out then.

It has no fur, it's like a snake with smooth scales, and as a throwback to a comment from a fellow student to my original ideations it can breathe 'fire'. I looked for all sorts of ways to make it logically happen. Which ended with me picking a similar system to the bombardier beetle, albeit much much more powerful.  

Anyways click it to read all the boring facts.

MASSIVE sea animal transports

The original premise once I got to the 3rd Ideation was a whale who didn't evolve fins.  I really liked that idea and pursued it. We all know whales today have 'finger' bones in their flippers, so what if they didn't have those?

So it needed a tall neck to see above the water, and to breathe air. The largest animals on Earth (like Whales) survive on the smallest of creatures so mine needed to feed like one with baleen. Since the 'head' is above water the mouth would need to evolve down. Which resulted in these massive openings on either side of the base of it's neck which filter food from the water, before the water exits out another opening behind the upper front legs. Making them constant filter feeders.

Per my professor's request I made it a bit fatter than the original painting. (Since they are always eating) Plus as an interesting bit I felt they should serve as transports. So I worked them in as being a sort of cargo barge for my race of humanoids I had made for the same class.

Anyways yeah Comparative Anatomy, fun stuff and the text on the image explains most of everything.

Friday, June 17, 2011


It's kind of become a tradition for me to build a crazy star ship since my 1st 3D modeling class. A few of my friends made their own, and of course I had to make mine better. So using the vagueness of my 1st project's criteria I went as all out as I could only using primitive shapes alone. Nothing fancy, and this was the end result.


Here are a couple of shots from my Environment project from Hard Surface and Organic Modeling. It's Gilneas from World of Warcraft. Just loved the design of the city, and had to remake it (As best as I could from memory haha) in Maya. It's not too bad, but after Finals I realized I wasn't making it for a game, and I could of gone more all out on detail since I technically didn't have to worry about poly count.

Still though one of the girls in the class did this amazingly awesome job on the nepal city level from Uncharted 2. It was freaking awesome, she even won I believe it was a scholarship from Sony. Makes me happy to rub that in people's faces when they say that my school doesn't teach the students anything.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Been working on a lot of 3-D stuff lately at school, and here's my first car I've ever made in 3-D. The Autobot thing is just cause I'm excited about the Transformers coming out. More stuff to come as soon as my Finals are over. Also a huge thanks to my Professor who gave us the awesome file to render these out in HDRI.