Saturday, June 18, 2011

MASSIVE sea animal transports

The original premise once I got to the 3rd Ideation was a whale who didn't evolve fins.  I really liked that idea and pursued it. We all know whales today have 'finger' bones in their flippers, so what if they didn't have those?

So it needed a tall neck to see above the water, and to breathe air. The largest animals on Earth (like Whales) survive on the smallest of creatures so mine needed to feed like one with baleen. Since the 'head' is above water the mouth would need to evolve down. Which resulted in these massive openings on either side of the base of it's neck which filter food from the water, before the water exits out another opening behind the upper front legs. Making them constant filter feeders.

Per my professor's request I made it a bit fatter than the original painting. (Since they are always eating) Plus as an interesting bit I felt they should serve as transports. So I worked them in as being a sort of cargo barge for my race of humanoids I had made for the same class.

Anyways yeah Comparative Anatomy, fun stuff and the text on the image explains most of everything.

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