Saturday, June 18, 2011

Face Melting Predator

It probably can melt your face off too. This was a tough one, I had finished the rest of my Comparative anatomy designs, and I really wanted to make a predator. I spent pages roughing through design and design. 

Finally I gave up and just picked a set of spider eyes, and fleshed out the head from around it. Funny how the simple solution delivers the design you want. All the other designs suffered from a lack of fierce-ness. None of them immediately screamed 'This thing can and will eat you." This spider/cat gave me that impression days before it was due. Wish I had more time to flesh it out then.

It has no fur, it's like a snake with smooth scales, and as a throwback to a comment from a fellow student to my original ideations it can breathe 'fire'. I looked for all sorts of ways to make it logically happen. Which ended with me picking a similar system to the bombardier beetle, albeit much much more powerful.  

Anyways click it to read all the boring facts.

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