Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going Gaga for Humanities Naga

The Naga who you may or may not know do 'not' come from Warcraft haha, but from Hinduism and Buddism. Are most associated with snakes, Warcraft made them ocean dwellers, and I like that direction as well. My naga were my jumping point for my fishy humanoid race I did for my comparative anatomy class, the Sentinels. So, I thought I'd take another stab at the original character I did a long while ago, which people always seemed to like. (It's on this blog, a little digging will turn it up.) Now a previous post stated I was working on new character in zBrush. *hint* *hint* It's this. It's funny really that I drew this after sitting through class learning about the Holy Grail and the Renaissance in Humanities. You'd think I'd draw a chivalrous Knight or something. Apparently my brain doesn't take to outside influence that well.

Also... looking back on this I missed an opportunity to do a blue balls joke, if only I used a blue prismacolor instead of my usual red haha. Red balls isn't a thing is it? No, probably not... sounds like it'd be some sort of disease... I'll be quiet now.


  1. I typed in Chris Montague has one ball and this is what popped up...

    1. Let's break that down shall we? My name is Chris Montague, and I say 'ball' in my post. It would seem that Google is working as intended. Thanks for checking...

    2. I like your art though