Monday, July 23, 2012


Well once again I've somehow become art director on another Flash Animation based class. My story pitch sadly lost by one vote, and I wasn't able to do my sequel I've been itching to do for Desperado since I invented that character. Instead we're diving into some serious dramatic territory with a superhero story.

The story is fairly cliché and I couldn't really stray from conventional hero types. So I got down a quick and very sketchy generic hero body type, and tinkered with it. So here are the three I did, a sort of Commando Samurai Jack, Deadpool-ish masked hero, and finally a hero who's inspiration I can't even recall anymore. I want to say a hero or villain that had bird-like overtones in the costume.

Anyways the other guys in our group that actually were assigned to design the hero/villain came up with plenty of fun designs of which we more or less got our characters finalized. Hopefully our team which is much larger than it was for Deep Blue Sky, will really pull this off well. Guess I'll see what happens in about 9 weeks.

Also my heart goes out for the victims of the TDKR shooting in Aurora, Colorado. That kind of stuff just pisses me off, six and nine year olds there to enjoy a movie gunned down by a nut case. It's just not right.

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