Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Mercenary Girl

Wasn't doing too much Tuesday afternoon, lately I'm usually in our school's Cintiq lab doing something in photoshop on Tuesdays. However being week 10 of 11 at my school most of them had been confiscated for rendering out 3D stuff for assorted projects. So I cracked out my sketchbook and started to draw. Ended up doing up another version of my space/sci-fi mercenary girl I keep redrawing occasionally. Went for something simpler I think than I did previously.

Had to fix her right leg in photoshop after I scanned it in, it looked completely wrong haha. Foreshortening is a tricky thing, the big secret though is that you don't draw anything larger than normal. Which is what most people think you have to do. It's all about using the wrapping/contours of your lines to give the appearance of overlap between things like the upper/lower leg. Once you get that down it's not as terrifying as you initially think it is.

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