Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monk-y Do

I figured I'd complete the set, and do the female monk from D3 as well. It also allowed me to have some fun with the post titles. You'd think it would go faster this time. It didn't, something about drawing ladies seems to slow me down immensely. I think it's some sub-conscious thing. Drawing a guy is easier in that our brain can let them be a little rougher and not as pretty. Then when you're drawing a girl, it's harder because you want them to look nice. Then again it could be the fact that you draw what you know easier. I mean was born and been a guy for 22 years, don't know much about being a woman haha. Both are valid reasons in my mind.

Anyways, the colors were the second problem for me. For the longest time I couldn't get them to look 'right'. Eventually I realized the problem was I was color picking from the female monk concept art for D3. So I ditched that and went with a set of 3 main colors: red, gold, and orange. (Brown is a shade of orange btw) Then the color's just seemed to work out right, and from a distance I think they match the general color palette for Diablo 3. Skin seems a bit too orange/yellow-y to me now... I might go back and make it paler.

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