Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hades in da House...

HW for my Advanced Drawing for Animation Class. More of a compositional class though, but still fun. Anyways, we had to pick a greek myth of some sort and then give 3 variations upon the chosen subject. I picked Hades, cause Zeus is overrated.

So, the top row are some quick roughs I did for Hades. the first is Hercules asking Hades for permission to borrow Cerberus. The middle is just Hades looking cool (Although my professor pointed out how it's similar to Dante's Inferno, where Hades along with people like Judas are frozen around the final circle of Hell.) Lastly, I have Hades meeting his woman-to-be, Persephone.

My Professor said he liked them all, but as you can see by the lower row, he liked the first and last best. (I felt pretty belittled watching him do the quick painting on the bottom left in like half an hour.) So like I was saying he gave me suggestions and some ideas for how I could improve the two.

I ended up deciding to do the 3rd choice, because I didn't have the advantage of a partial paintover to get started. Plus, I really really liked that one to begin with. Although I do like what my Professor did with the first one. Anyways, I'm about done with the 3rd one right now, and maybe I'll have time to do the first one as well. Time will tell haha.

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