Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sleepy Time with God of War

So, I could not get to sleep last night. Spending 7 hours in Photoshop after the fact, has done nothing but keep me awake. Quickest good painting I've ever done I think, so I guess it's a speed painting? I did neglect some areas like his left hand... yeah speed painting it is.

Anyways, it didn't start out as Kratos. I was just painting a generic man body, and then I started to think it would look good as Kratos from God of War. So I did as much as I could by memory, then nabbed a few reference photos from Google, and the rest is pretty much history.

The face was the toughest part, because everyone (at least every gamer) knows what Kratos looks like so getting his face to where it looked like him took the longest out of anything. I guess that's what's difficult about established characters.

Once it's popular you have to stick with it no matter what. Like Shrek, sure the movies are fun but his design is lame, and because it became popular they had to keep it. Lesson here is, always do your best when you make a new character.

Anyways I'm off track, Kratos, 7 hours, done, I sleep now.

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