Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hades meets Persephone

Well here it is finished. Hades meeting Persephone. Not quite the same as the myth as he technically comes bursting out of the ground and grabs here. I thought having them walking past each other was a kinder way to show their meeting.

Trying to get the background to show the character of each person. Like how Hades has this chaotic mass, with burning embers in the distance. Which was an idea my professor gave me the great suggestion for. Then of course the sort of nice softness of nature and Persephone juxtaposed next to it.

Even more simply it's sharps vs rounds in terms of my initial idea. Really fun to do, and I like how it came out, usually my Photoshop only paintings end up pretty chaotically wrong. Luckily the class this is for teaches me all that fun stuff about composition.

Of course I had to put some sort of God of War hint in here somewhere, since I'm a huge fan of the games. Originally I was going to copy GoW's Hades' spikes that he had popping up throughout his body, and a bit of Persephone's dress from the games. I ended up forgoing the Hades' spikes and settled for the the lower backside of Persephone's dress from Chains of Olympus (at least from the concept art).

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