Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Intro Pre-Vis, Revised

Can't believe I didn't post up my revised pre-vis intro project for Motion Graphics class. This is super old now, but I figured I should get it up. Trimmed stuff up, and made the art more refined. Still wish I had more time than I had to make it look prettier. As well as more time to find better foley and music. Mostly my fault for doing so many takes, requiring me to crank out unique drawings for each one.
In hindsight I would of made it super simple, but much much more focused and refined. Doing stuff like this really makes you appreciate the people who do this for a living, even the simple stuff. If it looks like it'd be easy to do, it just means the person who made it, is good at their job. Haha I was so disillusioned when I went in to school.

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