Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adv Drawing Final

So here's an early post of my Advance Drawing for Animation final. I'm so disappointed with it. I had planned to do 3 separate compositions. 2 Character based things, and 1 multi-character Composition. Needless to say I only got 1 finished. Just too much trouble for me with my 3D class's homework, and the fact that I kept redoing stuff because I couldn't get anything I liked going either.
So I had this one almost done, and figured I might as well go all out. Sadly, I couldn't get the version of this to work the way I wanted either. So after some back and forth between my professor, I cropped it down, got rid of my skeleton warriors, gave her a scythe, and went all Spawn-like on her hair.
It's not what I wanted to finish with, but I'm glad it came out decent. Hopefully my professor likes the changes I made, as well as seeing some of his suggestions included in this as well.
Some days you just can't get stuff going, and despite that you still have to crank out work regardless. It doesn't do anyone any good to give up and not turn something in. Better to have something than nothing right?

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