Sunday, August 25, 2013


First of all let me say, Pacific Rim was the greatest movie of all time and Grown-Ups 2 should of never of beaten it. Anyways, while waiting for a guest speaker to show up at our school, I tried to sketch out Cherno Alpha from memory (This was before the movie came out) I kinda had the right idea, the nuclear smokestack was far too narrow though. So sad that it *SPOILERS* dies so quick, it was favorite Jaeger.

The second image is a scan of what was to be my entry into IGN's Design Your Own Jaeger contest, but I missed the deadline. My fault for trying to get this done on the last day of submission haha, I wished I got it finished. My theme was tall and narrow with like some sort of bladed armor. It would fight normally of course but it's armor let the Kaiju maim itself as the fight wore on. (Which I though was a great idea after seeing the movie.) I will congratulate the winner of the contest though, his submission looked pretty cool.

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