Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Materials & Lighting Final

Here's my quick demo reel of the projects I did in my Materials and Lighting class. First was a still life, I just picked a bunch of stuff I liked. Second was an Outdoor scene, and I had a lot of trouble with that one. I did a different scene right up until the day before class, then I changed it that day and finished the railroad tracks you see in the video. Finally we have my spaceship command bridge on what my professor said was the "dirtiest f•••ing spaceship he's ever seen" which is mostly my fault haha, I'm planning on working over the whole thing, or doing a new scene over break. Cause I'm not too happy with it. Especially compared to my friend's final, his was really great. I don't feel like I deserve an A compared to what he did. Just have to put more practice into materials and lighting, just giving up cause you aren't good at something is dumb. Practice and more practice is the only way you'll get better

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